Ojai workshop began as a shared vision to create skillfully crafted hardwood furniture harvested and produced in the Ojai Valley. Thus began the long work of collecting fallen trees which otherwise would be used for fire wood, wood chips or green waste. Oak, Elm, Eucalyptus, and Walnut are some of the species from this Valley which have been collected, dried and sculpted into a line of dining tables, coffee tables, molded geometric blocks and live edge cutting boards. 

The aesthetics of the pieces merge fragility with solidity, just like the graceful lines of the trees themselves. Balance, proportion, and movement are all carefully considered when large slabs are cut and shaped according to their own unique features. 

Ojai Workshop is the result of our desire for crafting something refined from the nature that surrounds us. Trees are our Passion. It is with this passion that Ojai Workshop donates a portion of their proceeds each year to Ojai Trees and partners with other local organization aimed at preserving Ojai’s trees and wildlife

In addition to finished furniture, the shop also offers large slabs for purchase 

Special projects are taken on as a case by case basis.